Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My new project...

So I'm a huge horror fan so when I saw these adorable Frankenstein Boxes, I was hooked! I've only made the one but I do plan to make some once I get more card stock. They are a great treat bag for special "trick or treaters" or even fun party favors. As I sat and followed the tutorial on how to make this darling little creature I thought up other characters I can make in the same fashion, so I tried one...BIG BIRD. Heehee! I'd have to say I am quite happy with the result, I just got to figure out a better "beak" solution (If anyone has one , please let me know!?!?!). p.s I made a flip album today and once all the glue is dry I'll take some pics and post it...It's really pretty! Well I think so! :-)

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