Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Demo's meeting

Well I just read that I am supposed to design 20 cards for the demo's meeting on the 29th of March, yes the day after my gala. Guess I'm gonna have to crack down and design something 100% SU! get my brain working may take a little kick. Oh well, I work better under pressure. heehee! 20 cards..I wonder why....this will be interesting...

oh by the way, I've made a bunch of those post it note covers ( a dozen+) and tomorrow if it's sunny out I will get the pics taken so I can post them. They are so cute, and as soon as I get my butt in gear you can purchase them at Sandstones Gallery in Moncton (in the Blue cross building to be exact). I just love the look of them and they are so simple. Well I should go to bed...I've got some designs to dream up!

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