Monday, March 30, 2009

sorry I haven't posted in so long!

Well the gala has come and gone..not bad I shall say. Thanks to those of you who came! I went to Evelyn's meeting and I think my 3x3 card was a hit everyone said "aww cute" when I swapped with them. My up line's up line has decided to call a meeting for us girls. So in preparation for this we have to create a tag (actually 6 all same) for a tag swap at this meeting. I already finished mine, did them today while Dex napped for 2 hours! I'm really happy with how they turned out. I found the tutorial on "youtube" and the card is called a " no waste criss cross card" I just made it half the size of a regular card. To make this darling "tag" I used the new delicate dots paper from the sale-a-bration catalogue and the so saffron designer series. Since I used silver brads for the flower and ribbon pull, I thought I'd emboss a nice saying in silver to match. The stamp is from "a beautiful thing" set and my flower's from the dollar store...SHHH! don't tell anyone! :-) I almost forgot the's from my ABC Images stamp set and I coloured it using my Old Olive pastel and my blender pen. I originally used the cerntainly celery but it wasn't dark enough for my liking. Isn't it just Delicate!?!?! ;-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 days to the Gala!

I want to take this (quiet) second to thank all of you who have decided to come to my Gala. I appreciate the support and interest in my hobby. I have a lot to do to be ready for Saturday night and I'm so excited about it! For those of you who can't make it I'm sure we'll get together in the near future if it's something you're interested in. Thanks again!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another circle album

this one I did with a circle cutter set at 5 1/2" to see how small it would end up being, not too bad, it's definitely a "pocket" sized album. Perfect for photo booth sized pictures...if they are even around anymore. I love the bright paper I used, it was scraps from Cynthia, they just popped on the black cardstock. The second album was easier (with the practice I suppose) and it was finished in 1 & 1/2 hours but I can't really compare it to the larger one because there's a pretty big size difference. I'm thinking these would be great little albums for the desk or dresser.


I've tried 2 new albums over the last few days and I have to say they turned out quite good. I have the pictures posted in my slide show but I'll add one to this blog too. I think my favorite is the "flip flop" album but the "circle flip up" album looks awesome when it's finished but it's just a little more tricky for making the templates. The flip flop album is not made with flip flops (shoes), I do plan to make one of those once I find a tutorial. I will have a class on how to make this flip flop album probably right before the summer. We'll do it using the "simply scrappin' " sets from SU! and it'll probably be a choice of 2 or 3 patterns. The circle album is a sweet center piece for any table. Seems like maybe a christmas album to me.... We'll see. Approx. time I spent on the flip flop album....5 hours for the first one...2 hours on the second one ( not pictured) the circle flip up album time was about 4 hours and haven't attempted another yet (been sick with a head cold). Overall I'd rate the the flip flop as a class project and the circle flip up as a need to attempt a few more times first.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My new project...

So I'm a huge horror fan so when I saw these adorable Frankenstein Boxes, I was hooked! I've only made the one but I do plan to make some once I get more card stock. They are a great treat bag for special "trick or treaters" or even fun party favors. As I sat and followed the tutorial on how to make this darling little creature I thought up other characters I can make in the same fashion, so I tried one...BIG BIRD. Heehee! I'd have to say I am quite happy with the result, I just got to figure out a better "beak" solution (If anyone has one , please let me know!?!?!). p.s I made a flip album today and once all the glue is dry I'll take some pics and post it...It's really pretty! Well I think so! :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy day!

Went out to my upline's (Cynthia) today. Did some finishing touches on my 3x3 cards for Evelyn's demo meeting and I borrowed a few stamp sets to play with and got a crap load of scrap paper from her. So much in fact it took me over an hour just to sort it by! I have so much ready for the gala, it's just a few little things I have to do... :-) I have a few project ideas floating in my head can't wait to get a minute to myself so I can start always once they are done they'll be posted for you to admirer..kidding! Anyways, it is late and I have another busy day tomorrow. Good night and I'll be back tomorrow with something I did the other day....can't wai tto share it with you all, just need to "tweak" it up a little...see ya then!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Stamp Sets

I bought 3 new (to me) stamp sets today and I can't wait to use them. I rearranged my work space tonight so I didn't get any scrapping done, but this afternoon while Dexter napped I got my stamps for the 3x3 cards cut out and attached to my background with pop ups. Yay! So the sets I bought today are: bold basics, Delight in life and springtime stems. As I said I can't wait to try 'em out!

p.s. I am working on a design for personal gift certificates, for my clientele in case someone needs a gift but doesn't know exactly what the person they are buying for wants. I think I'll make them so they'll be any denomination for convenience. I can't wait to have them done. They'll be ready for the gala, so if any one wants them.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 28th --Gala

I'm starting to get nervous about my far I only have 5 people coming...that's not nearly enough. I think I'm going to have to post an invite on kijiji...why not..I can decide on who I let come or not....Anyways, please if you know anyone who you think would enjoy this FREE event pass along the invite or this site. I need to know all who are attending by March 20th, for supplies and refreshments quantities. My young son will be here (with my mother watching him) so if someone has to bring the baby it is ok but this is intended for adults. We wanna have fun and "let down our hair" don't we??? Keep me posted if you want to come, it's going to be so much fun, just send me an email.
p.s. I didn't get around to taking the pictures I promised yesterday I was busy starting my 3x3 cards for Evelyn's meeting on the 29th March. Sorry! I'll get them done asap..keep checking my slide show.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Demo's meeting

Well I just read that I am supposed to design 20 cards for the demo's meeting on the 29th of March, yes the day after my gala. Guess I'm gonna have to crack down and design something 100% SU! get my brain working may take a little kick. Oh well, I work better under pressure. heehee! 20 cards..I wonder why....this will be interesting...

oh by the way, I've made a bunch of those post it note covers ( a dozen+) and tomorrow if it's sunny out I will get the pics taken so I can post them. They are so cute, and as soon as I get my butt in gear you can purchase them at Sandstones Gallery in Moncton (in the Blue cross building to be exact). I just love the look of them and they are so simple. Well I should go to bed...I've got some designs to dream up!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We'll I have to say the day I had today wasn't one of a scrapper...I have been suffering ( kidding) with a teething needless to say I haven't got much done in the last couple of days. But I have managed to make 8 of those post it note covers, and I made a trek to the dollar store for some miscellaneous supplies: glue, velcro, fibers, index cards, etc.
I've been trying to come up with ideas for my opening gala and I think with Cynthia's help I've got it figured out. I am set in theory, now I just need to take action...make sure I have enough supplies, snacks (which I won't get yet) and an awesome door prize or two.
I still feel like today was a waste but as a mom I am entitled to put my teething, miserable feeling son I did! :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Post it notes covers

I love this, I found it on Chic n' scratch site. Of course mine is a little modified but generally the same. The cover I used some pattern paper I had laying around but I used SU! 's chocolate chip designer series on the inside and matching ink pad. The stamps are from simply said rubber stamp set. The ribbon was a small piece I had around too. I try to use every little scrap: paper, ribbon, even glue. I look pretty funny scraping the glue out of the bottom of the glue stick with my pinky finger so I can use all of it. HAHA!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Check out my NEW features!

Hi! my hubby finally got some of his projects done for me. The slide show which he wrote the application for, mouse over the pictures see what happens...pretty nifty hun? The flowers in my header are now "buttons" mouse over one of the first two, see the option?? now click it! I will have something for each flower soon, but he DOES have a day job so I got to take the work I get when it given.
Today I didn't do much scrappin' of my own, I went to Cynthia's (my upline) all occasions card class. Sometimes it's nice to have someone think for you. It was fun, now I really can't wait to get my classes started. I'm even thinking about doing 12x12 album pages as classes. Please let me know what you'd like to see in a class and I'll do my best to accomodate.

Decorative Tin

I searched high and low for a tin to decorate yesterday. I thought for sure I had an altoids one somewhere..oh well I didn't but I did have this band-aid one. I like the way it came out, it was white and red so I used that to help my colour choices. I then heat embossed it with "happiness" and figured I better fill it with something that makes me happy...So, CHOCOLATE it is! KISSES in fact, yum!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

14 cards in 2.5 hours!

WOW! you'd say I was crazy but that's what I did this morning while my son took his nap. I had my focal stamps pre-stamped and water coloured. I got a new Aqua pen yesterday!! I love the look of water colour stamps. Unfortunately because I'm still new I don't have all the proper products (water colour paper and staz on ink). But overall I am happy with my outcome.
I don't have room to post all the cards I made this morning so check out my slide show to see them. If you click on it it'll bring up my web album and captions. If you have any questions or suggestions about my cards feel free to email me.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New cards

I have a goal today: to make 6 new cards. I have made 2 already they are for a new baby boy...or girl but the cards are blue. Turquoise to be exact. I love the way they turned out! Even hubby likes them. Once I get the other 4 finished I'll post them too.

I did good I managed to take a shower and make 2 cards during Dexter's 1 hour nap. Talk about a time management pro!?! Just goes to how easy it is to make a "beautiful, from the heart and personal" card that's easy on the pocket book too (the 2 cards cost me under $2, including the heat embossing).
Go on and try one for yourself, you won't ever buy a $5.49 card again!