Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy day!

Went out to my upline's (Cynthia) today. Did some finishing touches on my 3x3 cards for Evelyn's demo meeting and I borrowed a few stamp sets to play with and got a crap load of scrap paper from her. So much in fact it took me over an hour just to sort it by colour...lol! I have so much ready for the gala, it's just a few little things I have to do... :-) I have a few project ideas floating in my head can't wait to get a minute to myself so I can start them....as always once they are done they'll be posted for you to admirer..kidding! Anyways, it is late and I have another busy day tomorrow. Good night and I'll be back tomorrow with something I did the other day....can't wai tto share it with you all, just need to "tweak" it up a little...see ya then!

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