Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine cards for sale

Well, I finally got my valentine cards over to my cousin's store: Sandstones Gallery. It's in the blue cross building on Main st. It's really a beautiful store, if you need something unique and want to support local artists that's the place to go. She has everything there such as chocolates, soaps, cards, jewelry, candles, flowers, woodworking items, gem stones, even quilts sometimes and of course paintings and other artwork pieces.
As a good cousin she has taken in my cards to sell on consignment too. You can tell which ones are mine, they are stamped on the back with a "hand stamped by Angela" stamp (of course with the copyright for stampin' up logo). For those of you wondering what that means Stampin' up has a policy where you an sell the items made with their stamps but it must has the copyright on it, it's called Stamin' up's Angel policy. Just being a good Demo...
Valentine's day is this Saturday, and hubby and I are going to spend some time together so I won't hav any new posts until after the weekend. To everyone out there have a great Valentine's day and a happy weekend.

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